NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting

Field Trips

Last update: April 13, 2012

This is a current list of field trips that have been scheduled to date.

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Saturday Field Trips

Babyfoot Lake
N Jensen

TJ Howell Botanical Drive & Babyfoot Lake   Full

Leader: Linda Ann Vorobik

Tanner Lake: Champion Trees and Glorious Grasses

Leaders: Frank Callahan/Cindy Roche

Photographic Exploration of the Deer Creek Fen

Leaders: Mark Turner/Karen Phillips

Bigelow Lakes Botanical Area   Full

Leaders: Kristi Mergenthaler/Dennis Odion

Redwood Forest Ecology: The Big Trees From the Ground Up

Leader: Rick Hiser

Oregon Caves National Monument - Big Tree Trail and Cave Tour

Leader: John Roth

Sanger Pk, Whiskey Lake in Del Norte County, California

Leader: Wayne Rolle

Fire Ecology along Limpy Creek Botanical Trail

Leaders: Tom Atzet

Black Butte & Lookout Mtn to Polar Bear Gap   Full

Leaders: Lee Webb/Cecile Shohet

Dutchman Peak Botanical Area

Leaders: Barb Mumblo/Shelley Tanquary

Old Wimer Stage Road- Oregon Mountain Botanical Driving Tour to Gasquet CA

Leaders: Rodger Brandt/Richard Callagan

Pacifica and Forest Farm Nursery in Williams

Leaders: Ray & Peg Prag

Lichens & Bryophytes of Eight Dollar Mountain

Leaders: Scot Loring/Daphne Stone

Woodcock Bog Research Natural Area and West Fork Illinois River   Full

Leaders: Marcia Wineteer/Rachel Showalter

Sunday Field Trips

Desert Creek Research Natural Area - Crater Lake National Park

Leaders: Jen Beck/Calvin Farris

Climate Change and Prairie Restoration Research Plots - 1 hr Overview

Leader: Timothy Tomaszewski

Onion Camp to Whetstone Butte   Full

Leaders: Lee Webb/Karen McCullough

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