NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting

Field Trip - Lichens and Bryophytes of Eight Dollar Mountain

Lee Webb


Leaders: Scot Loring (Pacific Crest Consulting, LLC, and instructor at SFI for upcoming bryophyte and lichen courses) and Daphne Stone (Dr. Daphne Stone, Consulting Botanist & Lichenologist).

Difficulty: Moderate to High – up to seven mile RT on maintained trail with an elevation gain of 2600’ elevation gain (approximately 1400’ to 4000’ at the summit of Eight Dollar Mountain).

Description: Carpool five miles to the trailhead. Spend the morning and part of the afternoon exploring the flora of this unique serpentine/peridotite mountain which makes the backdrop for Deer Creek Center. Hike through Jeffery pine savannahs and Darlingtonia fens as you take in fantastic views of the Illinois Valley and surrounding mountains. End with a visit to the Illinois River at the mountain’s base, where interesting bryophytes and swimming holes await those wishing to escape summer heat. For those interested, we will return to the DCC to examine collections.

Floristic Highlights: Most of the mountain has not been explored in depth for lichens and bryophytes, though the locally endemic Pseudoleskeela serpentinsis will likely be found on the slopes, along with the possibility of the rare Scouleria marginata at the river. The fens will likely still be supporting interesting vascular plants as well.

Scouleria marginata
Judy Harpel

Appropriate Footwear Plus: Bring good hiking shoes or boots along with sun protection, plenty of water, and lunch or snack. Trekking poles would be useful. A high-powered hands lens is recommended.

Start Time: 8:30am

RT Mileage: 10 miles


Paul Brown

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