NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting

Field Trip - Redwood Forest Ecology


Leaders: Rick Hiser (Naturalist)

Difficulty: Easy- 0.5 mile hike.

Description: THE BIG TREES - FROM THE GROUND UP. Explore the unique life history of the tallest living beings on the planet. The fieldtrip will start with the geology of the area and move up through old-growth redwood groves to second growth areas of various ages. We will look at the intricate relationships between these trees and their environment, including the “perched ecosystem” in the canopy of these giants, recently studied and documented by Dr. Steve Sillett of Humboldt State University, and Salmon “Totem of the Pacific Northwest.” Redwood National & State Parks are unique in the fact that fully 50% of the park lands have been commercially logged prior to public ownership, making watershed and forest restoration a highest priority. The field trip will last 4 to 5 hours. Bring lunch. Carpooling is encouraged. Sponsored by Redwood Parks Association.

Group Size Limit: 15

Finish Time: 3:30 pm at Hiouchi

RT Mileage: 122 miles


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