NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting

Field Trip - Sanger Peak and vicinity in Del Norte County, California

Lee Webb


Leaders: Wayne Rolle (Forest Botanist, Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest).

Difficulty: Hiking is not far from vehicles; the trip will entail several short bushwhacks and cross-country scrambling up to 1/2 mile from our vehicles (steep, rocky, brushy).

Description: Sanger Peak and vicinity in Del Norte County, California (Rogue River-Siskiyou and Six Rivers National Forests). This field trip will be a loop driving trip with a series of stops and explorations along primitive FS roads in a remote part of NW California, south of Waldo. We will visit Al Hobart's Whiskey Lake, Sanger Peak, and other stops along the way (Al, a local botanist who died in 1983, spent many years exploring this area, in the headwaters of the Illinois, Smith, and Klamath Rivers. He took many photos of the area and created an unpublished manuscript listing all of the plants he found in this unique area).

Whiskey Lake     - Lee Webb

Floristic Highlights: We will see some interesting graminoids: Schoenoplectus subterminalis, (Scirpus subterminalis), Carex gigas, Carex serpenticola, Poa piperi, and perhaps others. We will also see Lewisia leana, Lewisia cotyledon, Draba howellii, Brewer's spruce and lots of other Klamath Mountains flora.

Driving Directions: Outgoing via Waldo Hill road and return via Knopki Creek Road (Smith River National Recreation Area) and Hwy 199. High clearance vehicles only (Subaru or higher). A 1.25-mile road segment between Whiskey Lake and Sanger Peak is particularly rocky.

Appropriate Footwear Plus: Boots and long pants recommended. Bring sun protection, plenty of water, and lunch or snack. Trekking poles would be useful.

Draba howelii     - John Roth

Group Size Limit: 20

Time: 8:00am carpool from DCC, return 5:00pm

RT Mileage: 77 miles

Topographical Map

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