NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting

Merchandise for purchase / Vendors


This off-white, Anvil brand, organic cotton t-shirt showcases the Gray Pine or Pinus sabiniana with a classic botanic illustration that surpasses that of the Jepson Manual in scope. It details the cone, seed and fascicle of three needles characteristic of this whimsical, airy, Dr. Seuss-esque species that has made its way into Southern Oregon as far as Jackson County. The t-shirt also gives the URL's for NPSO and Plant Oregon and highlights our plant organizations! Superb design by botanical illustrator Cindy Roche.

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Wine Glasses

glass glass
This 10.5 oz. Napa wine glass has the Siskiyou endemic, Calochortus howellii, logo printed on one side and the Native Plant Society of Oregon printed on the other side. Each registrant will receive one wine glass included with their registration fee. Additional glasses are available to purchase.

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Flower ID Brochures

Grizzly Peak 1

Grizzly Peak and Mount Ashland are local, easy to get to, and wonderful wildflower gazing destinations in the Rogue Valley. These brochures provide a map of the area and trails - provide travel directions, and number areas of botanical interest along the suggested route. Numerous wildflower pictures make up the remainder of the brochure - if that wildflower is found at a particular area of interest - it is numbered with the number of the destination.

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$1.00 each