NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting

Field Trip - Hike Onion Camp to Whetstone Butte

Lee Webb


Leaders:Lee Webb (retired Forest Service Wildlife Biologist) and Karen McCullough (Retired Forest Service Botanist).

Difficulty:Moderate, on trail. Altitude Gain: 300’

Altitude: Starting altitude approximately 4100’.

Lee Webb

Description: We will drive south on Hwy 199 to FS Road 4201 on the south side of Eight Dollar Mtn. If folks have not seen the Darlingtonia boardwalk (Howell’s fen) at the BLM/NF boundary at the base of 8 $ Mountain, we will make a stop. Then 14 miles on Rd 4201 to the top of the ridge – soon after we cross the bridge over the Illinois River, we will be within the perimeter of the 2002 Biscuit Fire. After a short detour to the Babyfoot Lake trailhead to see Lupinus tracyi and Picea breweriana we will drive to the parking area at the restroom near Onion Camp, and then hike approximately 1 mile or so each way along the ridge between the Illinois and Chetco Rivers. Much of the area is open serpentine – great vistas. The impact of the Biscuit Fire will be apparent, as well as vegetative recovery. Lilium bolanderi and Xerophyllum tenax are common, along with Quercus sadleriana and Pinus jeffreyi.

Bolanders Lily     - Lee Webb

Appropriate Foot wear: Shoes with ankle support. Bring sunscreen, water, lunch. Trekking poles would be useful.

Group Size Limit: No limit. Car pooling encouraged.

Time: 8:00am to 2:00 pm

RT Mileage: 45 miles

Topographical Map

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