NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting

Meals: Options & Menus

Attendees at the NPSO Annual Meeting have a number of options for eating. We have hired a caterer to provide delicious meals, but if you want to cook your own, buy from local grocery stores, bring food from home, or eat in Illinois Valley restaurants, cafes or bars, you have those options. Use of the Deer Creek Center kitchen is limited to those staying in the rooms inside. Campers at Deer Creek Center who wish to cook should bring their own food and gear, including a camp stove.

Our menus provide options for vegetarians, but if you have food allergies that preclude partaking of the catered food, we recommend that you use another option. The menus are posted here so that you can make your choice and plan ahead.

Snacks for the Friday evening social are included in the registration fee. For all other meals, you will indicate on the registration form if you want to purchase each individual meal. Meal prices are indicated on the registration form. Early registration helps us and our caterer prepare for the event. There will not be excess food so it is necessary to preregister for meals.

The Friday evening social will be held at the Deer Creek Center. Bring your own beer or wine and your own glass.

Breakfast and build your lunch setup will also be in the classroom at the Deer Creek Center.

The banquet Saturday evening will be at the Selma Center in nearby Selma. Bring your own glass (when you check in, we will give you a glass that is included in the registration fee) because our caterer is not furnishing glassware. You may bring your own beer or wine; lemonade and water will be served.

You are on your own for breakfast Sunday morning. There will be trays of food Sunday morning at the business meeting, for those attending it.

For those of us with coffee addictions, there is an espresso stand out at the highway across from where you turn in on the Illinois River Road.

All meals will be prepared by Kate Dwyer Catering using local, fresh, organic ingredients, simply and deliciously prepared.

We have eaten food prepared by Kate Dwyer and it is wonderful! We expect that you will agree.

Friday Night Snacks

Included with registration

6PM, Deer Creek Center


Local vegetable crudités with artisan olive oil and sea salt, or sour cream dip

Caramelized onion brioche with blue cheese

Organic popcorn

Local berries



Saturday Breakfast


7AM, Deer Creek Center


Coffee and Tea

Homemade berry crumb cake

Homemade vegan bran and fruit muffins

Fresh fruit platter

Local eggs, hard-cooked, with salsa



Soy and dairy milks

Saturday Build Your Own Lunch


7:45AM, Deer Creek Center

Assorted top quality sliced breads

Local lettuces and spinach

Finely shaved spring onion

Asian baked tofu

Homemade hummus with freshly toasted cumin

Lemon-garlic baked chicken breast

Veggie sticks

Whole fruits

Homemade brownies

Natural beverages

Saturday Banquet Dinner


6:30PM, Selma Center

Artisan breads with herb crème spread

Green salad with strawberries and shaved fennel and spring onion vinaigrette

Chicken breast stuffed with herb crème and grilled over rosemary and lavender branches

Vegan option-Potato Terrine with roasted red pepper sauce

Carrots in rosemary orange butter

Rice pilaf

Hibiscus rose lemonade

Fabulous strawberry cake

Vegan option-strawberries with chocolate sauce

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