NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting

July 13-15, Deer Creek Center, Selma, OR

The Siskiyou Chapter is honored to be hosting the NPSO 2012 Annual Meeting. We'll be based at Siskiyou Field Institute's Deer Creek Center in Selma, in the heart of the Illinois Valley.

Featured guest speakers will be Dr. Susan Harrison - Serpentine Plant Diversity in the California Floristic Province (Including Southern Oregon) - and Dr. Linda Vorobik - Siskiyou Wildflowers: Art and Inspiration.

The field trips will feature the high western Siskiyous with trips to Babyfoot Lake, Tanner Lakes, Bigelow Basin and more.

Further information, including registration and lodging, will be posted on the web site in the coming days and weeks, as it becomes available. See the March Bulletin for a great article by Dr. Frank Lang on our region, or you can view it here as a PDF. Also see the April Bulletin for more information.

Remember: only current NPSO members can attend Annual Meetings. Please join or renew your membership if you haven't already.

If you have questions that aren't answered here, send email to